Alain Azzarga

For Information Technology


About Alain Azzarga

The company activities are importing  and installing electronic and electric devises & all types of Security systems & safety equipment ,control systems CCTV systems communication systems  power generating systems solar systems . The company has got well trained engineers and technicians in designing different kinds of networks ,installation of all types of systems execution of projects studying of projects define the requirement of projects helping our customer to satisfy their needs and requiremens


Company Objectives

  • Transfer of technology and provide the most advanced and modern services.
  • Provide our clients with different technologies that satisfy theis needs.
  • Helping our clients to Find the optimum and right solution.
  • Working with our client to define their requirements.

Who We Are

We are specialized in IT systems design and security

Our skilled engineers are the at your service, your requirements in this field is certainly achieved

Our Rule

Our clients are our partners